List of information resources

The list of used information resources is closed. It records only those sources with which the author of the abstract worked. The list is made in alphabetical order by the names of authors or book titles. In the presence of several works of one author, their names are arranged according to the years of publications. If individual pages were drawn from the book, they are indicated. Foreign sources (published in a foreign language) are buy research papers listed at the end of the entire list.
The list used for writing the abstract of the literature is made according to the following rule:
The serial number of the literary source.
Surname, initials of the author.
The full title of the book (without quotes, an exception – if the title is a quote).
Type of publication (Text, iso-production, electronic publication, etc.).
Place (city) of the publication.
Publishing house.
The year of publication is a figure without the letter “g.”.
Number of pages (or other information on the volume of the publication, corresponding to its type).

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