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Welcome to my blog! And thank you so much for coming by! I’m Camille Leblanc Bazinet …but, you probably knew dat. On this page I aim to provide my supporters with some awesome and fun information, both on training and getting to know me better. I would like to be a resource for you to lean on for inspiration and guidance with your training. So what would you like to know about? I’m an open book, but please leave your comments or a message if you have anything in particular that you would like to hear about.

The first topic I would like to dive into is food. After all I LOVE to eat. Burning all those calories every day in some grueling workouts certainly builds me up an appetite! And in terms of recovery and progress I have realized that food can be the “magic pill” or at least a very helpful pill to meet my goals.

This wasn’t always the case though. I remember back in 2010 when I met my husband Dave and I was new to CrossFit, we would crush some orange chicken at Panda Express almost every night…and wash it down with a 32oz diet coke. My mother would always make me French treats like crepes and pastries. I had no idea of how much I was eating, and the quality of food was terrible. Even at the games in 2011, I was eating candy bars and monster energy drinks between the last events to get some energy. It wasn’t until I was fully committed to dig into every resource that I could to maximize my performance that I took a serious look at my nutrition, and I was blown away at what a huge piece I was missing out on.

In 2012 I made a decision that I needed to get stronger to compete at the level I wanted to. I was one of the smallest girls and I needed to be able to beat those stronger taller girls. Dave suggested that I start looking at the amount of protein I was eating. We determined that I needed 105 grams of protein a day to sustain my lean muscle mass using a formula ( 1g/ pound of lean body mass) and even more to build more muscle. Also we found out that I would need more vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) in my diet to better my recovery to reduce inflammation and aid in digestion. So we bought 3 different types of meat that I liked to eat, 3 different fruits and vegetables, and some protein powder.. and I started on my way. This was really the first time I started looking at the quality and quantity of my food and the first serious step I took in going from one of the smallest competitors to one of the strongest!

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  1. Fathia

    Is it possible for a 35-40 yr old female to develop her gymnastics skills (given the fact that she never had any gymnastics training in her life!)?

  2. Sara

    Hello Camille,
    you are SUCH A GREAT inspiration for me you can’t even imagine. I am a Spanish Orthopedic doctor who fell in love with CF a year ago. I would like you to talk more about the sacrifice, the emotional pain and how to deal with your career and the training. I have days when I just can not train, I have to study, long surgeries, on calls…and it is hard. I know i will never be even a Regional athlete but i really love training and it is becoming hard to manage all the stuff lately so as busy as you are i wonder how do you manage. It will huge if you reply 😉 Not having my best days lately but..stil trying to improve. Lots of support for the Open, u are gonna crush it!

  3. Juliana

    Hey Camille,
    I am a very big fan of yours and have a few questions. If there is one or a few things you could tell me to work on everyday that would help me be better at gymnastics what would it be? I have been cross fitting for about 3 years now and really want to start getting more into the gymnastic side of it and I thought who better to ask than you! 🙂 I would love to get some useful tips on how to become stronger at gymnastic movements. I still don’t have a muscle up yet on the rings. I did get a bar muscle up but I was struggling to get it and right now do them in my workouts with a small band. So if you have any advice for me I would love to hear it! Even if its just a few things you would suggest and if you have more I would love to hear it all! Thanks so much! 🙂 – Juliana Lee Selvaggio (I live in Alaska in Delta Junction on a farm basically in the middle of no where and I live with 200 people, we have a small homemade gym that is also part of a mechanic shop!)

  4. Nathaniel Sanchez

    Hello 🙂 Can you help me with some tips on doing split jerks. I’ve been trying jerk 221lbs but seems like it was hard for me to go under the bar faster 🙂 thank you and God bless 🙂

    1. Wanda

      I love this BOX! You guys are so family orniteed and really love to help and see your members achieve their goals! You guys make it soo much fun to WOD! It feels like home away from home. Super great vibe and can’t forget to mention I’ve lost 17 pounds!! Thanks IC Proud of you guys!

  5. Virginia Loredo

    Hello !! I am vicky Loredo of Cd. Monterrey, Mexico.
    I am 34 years old, I am married and have a daughter of 14 years.
    Crossfit workout from a year ago, and I’ve learned a lot, I love coaching.
    I am your # 1 fan and follow you in your facebook profile and instangram. I want to change my feeding to pay a lot more, this blog encouraged me to try to be better every time, graciasa you for your example, for your advice and I’m constantly. You are great !!! A big hug Camille

  6. Bonnie


    The website is great, just want to say thankyou for creating it. Your a very inspirational female crossfit athelete, and i find everything you say to be useful. So thankyou for sharing.

    I have just started to workout out daily, an have been doin twice a day with lifts in morning and wod and skill in evening. However I struggle to lift heavier amounts in the clean and jerk. Should i lift every second day to recover better? And also should I lift more or less reps and heavy load. I get arm cramping pain. I think this is becuase its wearing out muscle. I eat strict paleo, zone, but havent been supplmenting with fishoils or anything else. However i will get on this pronto, as you suggest it helps recovery.

    I also still drink wine and coffee occasionally. Should i gove this up? Did you see a big difference?

    Thanks for your advice, I love the video’s and blog, both help me tremdously! Goodluck this year! I am looking forward to watch you in the Open and games!

    Kind regards,


  7. Bethany

    Hi Camille!

    I love your website! I have a question, if you don’t mind. I am 18 years old, and love working out. I don’t have access to a Crossfit gym, so I mostly do bodyweight/dumbbell workouts at home. Is it possible to do Crossfit style workouts and get very strong without lifting?

  8. Novha

    My favorite crfsosit ever ! I’ve been to several crfsosit gyms but never really enjoyed them , but IC helps and teaches you never to give up ! All coaches are great motivators! Enjoy myself every class ! Thanks IC

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