Féroce Macros

$399 First 3 Months then $119/month

Our goals are focused on your overall health, how to become more in tune with your body’s cravings, and how to stay properly fueled for any physical activity level & life!

Typically, when we start to listen to what our bodies need, we see our weight balance out, our energy levels increase, and our cravings decrease. With the use of a food journal & weekly habit-based lessons, we’ll help you improve your lifestyle choices and find more balance.

You will receive guidance on better food options and how to get a well-proportioned balance of macronutrients without having to fully track. Our goal is to get you to a place where you’re eating for your body’s needs and have the knowledge to do it without having to calculate and spend time overthinking what you eat.

Who’s It For

Anyone and everyone! Best if you’re wanting to see fast results for weight loss or if your focus is muscle mass gain.

People who are looking for a certain more aesthetic or performance related results
People who want to take a flexible approach to tracking macros
People who want or need weekly feedback from a coach
People who need accountability and ongoing support to stay motivated
People who want to learn how to track macros and how to adjust their caloric intake

What You Get

Accountability, education, friendship & so much more!

Choice of Personal Coach – subject to availability
Weekly check-in with a personal coach
Weekly feedback based on your check-in and progress throughout the week
Access to our nutrition software with daily habit reminders – like a coach in your pocket!
Feroce 7-Day Reset Meal Plan
Access to our Private Members group on Facebook

What to Expect

A weekly check-in & a response within 24 hours (provided your check-in is submitted on time)

Once you’ve completed our Coaching application quiz, we will review your coaching application for approval. Once approved, you will set up your payment & gain access to our nutrition coaching portal.
Your coach will make contact with you within 24-48 hours from acceptance into our program.
Based on the information provided in your questionnaire, we provide you with an initial prescription and set up your plan to help you improve your general health & lifestyle habits.
You will complete a weekly check-in where you will answer a set series of questions, take measurements & submit photos.

It never gets easier.


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