At Féroce, we value your time. Whatever your goals, our programs are designed to maximize your output in the time you have available so you can be successful inside and outside the gym.


When it comes to fitness, the most common misconceptions about achieving results are that you need volume & a lot of cardio!

Well, in our experience, that kind of regimen typically leads to stress, boredom, lack of motivation & worst of all, it can actually hinder results! After decades of training, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet has developed Féroce Fitness to solve the problems we face in maintaining a solid fitness routine and she actually makes it fun too! Camille’s unique style of training delivers the perfect blend of functional fitness, mobility, HIIT workouts & bodybuilding so that you get results that leave you looking and feeling great too!

Feel stressed trying to fit 90+ minutes of training into your day?

Sick & tired of pounding the treadmill or tapping that booty back in your saddle?

Mentally drained or too damn sore to face another day at the barbell?

Overwhelmed and unsure on how to use your time productively at home or in the gym?

Then Féroce Fitness is for you!



Gone are the days of running yourself ragged just so you can squeeze in a workout. Féroce Fitness is designed to support you in leading a happier & healthier life! Our workouts can easily be modified to be done at home. Feeling a million bucks & being fit for life does not need to be so hard or take up so much time!

The Féroce Fitness programming is designed to be completed in 60 minutes or less, so that you can find balance in your life and manage your priorities effectively. If you’re really in a pinch you can easily choose to focus on certain body parts & keep your workout to just 30 minutes.


For those of you who struggle to get your butt in the gym to begin with, the Féroce training method is going to be a game-changer for you. It will challenge you, without being mentally daunting. Every training session will leave you feeling accomplished & motivated to grind another day. Whether you’re starting week one or heading into week 50, you’ll feel the same level of momentum and excitement throughout as we keep our workouts varied, engaging & fun! We also have an amazing community in our private members group that you’ll be able to access for ongoing #fitsporation & support.


Féroce Fitness already sets itself apart from so many other program providers with its style of workout & accessibility. But we have taken things to a whole new level by ensuring you also receive coaching throughout your experience. Our videos explain exactly what you should be doing and how you should be doing it. We give cues and point out common faults to avoid so that you can stay safe whilst you’re working out. You’re also free to post comments for clarification in our private group or even share videos if you’d like feedback from one of our coaches.


At Féroce we empower you to feel FIERCE! Fierce in the sense of your strength, power & endurance, but also fiercely confident in your appearance and your capacity to do anything you set your mind to. If you don’t feel this way now, you will! That’s our promise.





It’s just what I needed. Thank you Camille for starting this program. While I used to be an amateur CrossFitter, I noticed it became difficult for me to initiate working out after having two kids. Having a clearly laid out plan is key. Mustering the time and energy to workout is a challenge in itself, so having a thoughtfully prepared game plan is vital. I love that your workouts are explained succinctly and the videos are short but easy to follow. My shoulders hurt yesterday and I realized I hadn’t been pushed beyond my comfort zone in a long time. Thank you!



The workouts themselves have been challenging, but not so much so that I am unable to complete them. I have been looking for something like this for a while. It is exactly what I need.



Thanks to Féroce Fitness, I can enjoy an efficient functional fitness program, with videos explanations, which pushes me out of my comfort zone and achievable in any gym. I can do my workout during my lunch break and spend more time with my wife after work. The feeling of belonging to a community thanks to the Facebook group is also a big plus for the motivation! Merci à Camille et à toute la Féroce Team!


Join the ranks of other Féroce athletes and community to transform the way you approach fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We can’t wait to share your transformation story with the world!



  • What is Féroce Fitness?
  • What kind of a workout can I expect?
  • How long are Féroce workouts?
  • What level of fitness do I need to be at?
  • Does Féroce need to be done in a CrossFit® gym?
  • What kind of equipment is needed for Féroce?
  • What if I need coaching help?
  • How do I keep track of my workouts?
  • What do I do if you program running and I can’t run?
  • How do I cancel?
What is Féroce Fitness?

What kind of a workout can I expect?

Workouts come with a warmup, flow session, functional fitness workout, and two ferocious finishers.

Sample Flow Warm-Up

Sample Functional Fitness Workout

Sample Finishers #1

Sample Finishers #2

How long are Féroce workouts?

The functional fitness portion of a Féroce workout will typically take less than fifteen minutes, with the finishers taking about ten minutes. All in, you can expect to spend less than 60 minutes from start to finish, including warm-up & cool-down time.

What level of fitness do I need to be at?

You can be a complete beginner to fitness or a former elite level athlete. This program is designed for everyone to achieve & moderate their own relative intensity. Listen to Camille explain more about why this program is suitable for anyone, regardless of their level of fitness.


Does Féroce need to be done in a CrossFit® gym?

Féroce does incorporate quality functional fitness elements into its training, but is designed to be done with minimal equipment. Workouts can be done in any gym and most people will be able to do them at home.

What kind of equipment is needed for Féroce?

There are plenty of bodyweight workouts and scaling options to perform workouts without weights. To take full advantage of all the programming though & maximize your results, there are a few pieces of equipment you may want to buy or have access to. Here’s a list of what’s recommended:

  • Pull-Up Bar*
  • Dumbbells
  • Plyometric Box (typically wooden)
  • Jump Rope
  • Exercise Bands – a great alternative if you don’t have weights
  • Exercise Band Loops

*Though Camille does recommend getting an actual pull-up bar, either free-standing or one that fits in a doorjamb, you can get creative here and think outside the box (and your house!) Go to a local playground or high school and do pull-ups on the jungle gym or under the bleachers.

What if I need coaching help?


How do I keep track of my workouts?

For all workouts, I recommend keeping a journal or a log of your scores. Keep track of what weight you used, how long the workout took and how many rounds and/or reps you got for a particular workout. This is useful if you want to measure your fitness progress – which we highly recommend! When you repeat a workout you will have your previous score or time as a reference point and a threshold to try to beat! Not only is this super motivating to help you push a little harder but it will make you feel so accomplished when you smash your records!

What do I do if you program running and I can’t run?

You will see several runs in my program, and though I do prefer you to run, you can do any other form of cardio you like — swimming, biking, rowing and the like. Here is a conversion table from meters to seconds/minutes so you can see how long you need to perform your alternative activity to make the equivalent of the running distance programmed:

Distance to Time 

  • 100m, 45 sec.
  • 150m, 60 sec.
  • 200m, 90 sec.
  • 400m, 3 min.
  • 1000m, 7-8 min.
  • 1 mile (1600m), 10 min.
  • 5k, 25-30 min.
How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time through your account area on the website.


There are several repeating workout formats you will see in my programming. If you are not familiar with them, here is a guide to help.
  • AMRAP = As many rounds and/or reps as possible
  • EMOM = Every minute on the minute
  • Tabata
  • For-Time Workouts
  • Negative Reps
  • Supersets
AMRAP = As many rounds and/or reps as possible

For this kind of workout, you’ll repeat the programmed exercises for as many rounds/reps as possible using good form for the duration of the time indicated.

EMOM = Every minute on the minute

For this workout, you’ll be given a length of time (for example, eight minutes) and a number of exercises to perform. At the top of every minute, you’ll execute the indicated move(s) for a prescribed number of reps or length of time, then you will rest any remaining time. You’ll begin to work again at the top of the next minute, and you will continue this pattern until your time runs out.


This short, four-minute workout alternates between 20 seconds of work performed at all-out intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest, a cycle that repeats eight times.

For-Time Workouts

You’ll see a variety of workouts that are programmed for time. Here, you’ll want to execute the workout moves with good form but still move as quickly as possible to get a good score. A lot of time, success with this kind of workout has to do with pacing and choosing the correct weight, so think about these workouts after reading them or seeing the videos, and start them with a plan in mind.

Negative Reps

A repetition of an exercise has two parts: The concentric (positive) contraction shortens a muscle, and the eccentric (negative) contraction lengthens it against a load. In a biceps curl, for example, curling a weight up to your shoulder is the positive portion and lowering back to the start is the negative.

Your body is much stronger in the eccentric than it is in the concentric contraction, and I take advantage of this by integrating negatives into your finishers. You’ll see them programmed as taking two seconds, so from the top of the move all the way to the bottom should take you the entire two seconds. Make sure you stick to that range for optimal results.


A superset is simply two exercises that are done back-to-back with no rest in between. This increases your time under tension and incites quicker change.

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